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During the course of the Caveman Training Specialist Workshop, the participants will be tested both physically and mentally.  The workshop is taught in a very unique fashion.  For every 40 minutes of classroom instruction, the participants will receive at least 20 minutes of practical “hands on” instruction.  During the practical instruction section, the participants will receive instruction on proper exercise form, coach development and other intangible skills.  Some of the topics covered in the classroom section are, Instructor Development, Mental Toughness, Exercise Program Design, Group Leadership and Instruction.  The participants will have homework each night of the workshop and will be observed and evaluated during high intensity, high stress, exercise sessions.  There may be a couple of other surprises in the program so participants should be prepared for anything.

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What is caveman training?

Caveman Training is called this because it brings us back to the basics.  Hard work equals results.  Caveman Training is a mixture of strength training and hard core cardiovascular conditioning to give the user a one-of-a-kind training experience.  Caveman Training focuses on the use of minimal equipment mixed with 21st Century training strategies  that is capable to everyone regardless of the age, ability or fitness level. 

instructor development workshop

The new Caveman Training Instructor Specialization  is a three day, 20+ hour, intensive live workshop that pushes its attendees both physically as well as mentally.  This "life changing event" is not for the faint of heart.  Attendees will be pushed outside of their comfort zone with the intended purpose being self growth and realization.  If you think you have what it takes, submit a form and let us know.

Instructor Questions

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about caveman training

Caveman Training was created in 2007 by Scott Ramsdell and became an overnight hit.  The modalities used, and overall approach to training became stalwarts in the world of MMA Strength and Conditioning world.  Caveman Training was featured in numerous magazines, on-line articles and on Spike TV.  Caveman Training spread like wildfire around the world through an Instructor Network and Affiliate program.  After the initial surge in popularity, Caveman Training moved underground.  It is currently practiced around the world in some of the most intensive gyms and backyard locations.

Fast forward almost 11 years and Caveman Training is reborn!  It's time to bring back the Caveman!  The industry has gone soft and has made working out a sport focused on unreal expectations and enhanced athletes.  Caveman Training is still scientifically based and results driven.  It has been simplified and streamlined to ensure unparalleled results through an uncompromising training experience. 

The new Caveman Training Instructor Course is bigger, badder and better then before.  This unflinching approach to training is poised to re-take its place at the top of the training food chain!