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Why Omni-directional stability training?

Until now, most fitness programs have focused primarily on moving the body in just two planes of motion (Sagittal and Frontal) while leaving out arguably the most important plane (Transverse).  The “sport of life” is not lived in just two planes of motion and therefore most fitness programs are not preparing users to perform at their peak.  This inadequacy is the reason that functional fitness programs have exploded in popularity.  Functional fitness focuses on exercises/techniques that are essential to performing regular everyday activities. By incorporating an Omni-directional Stability Training program into their routine, users immediately notice that performing day-to-day activities, such as climbing the stairs, is easier and takes less effort.  Sports skills are sharper and smoother. The connection between mind and body is enhanced. People feel better and move easier. They have a feeling of muscle readiness through a full range of motion, with improved overall performance.

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About coreflyte

Core Flyte™ began as an idea in 2011 by Paul Nicholas.  At the time, Paul was a retired athlete who was working as a coach to top amateur and professional fighters in New York.  Paul realized the importance of stability training not only for optimal athletic performance but also for orthopedic injury prevention and rehabilitation.  As Paul began researching for “a better way” to do stability training, he found that there were limited options.  Most of the popular options came with the major drawback of placing the user in a “non-functional” body position.

Paul’s goal was to build a safe platform that enabled multi-planar, omni-directional motion that could be utilized during functional floor exercises.  Core Flyte™ was born, developed and then extensively tested by a team of professional athletes, gyms, coaches, and physical therapists.

Core Flyte™ provides a safe platform to integrate a stability training component into any bodyweight floor exercise. Core Flyte™ adds a new dimension to Functional Training exercises by destabilizing the base of support for a single or for multiple limbs during exercise.  This requires the user to constantly adjust his/her body position. These adjustments generate neuromuscular responses that maximize muscle activation during floor exercises to accelerate results and improve general athletic performance.

Core Flyte™ activates major muscle groups while specifically and safely targeting the core.  This ideal mix of free movement and safety enables users of all fitness levels to experience the benefits of stability training through full range of motion, also known as Omni-directional Stability Training.

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